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Elevated Rituals
Crafted With love
Naturally Elegant
sensoral beauty

Big Intentional Energy

We’re not here to be just another ‘pretty beauty brand.’

Our products are created to bring you the healing benefits of premium botanicals, sacred aromatics and celebrate cannabis as one of the most exciting ingredients of our time. We believe in the power of energy, helping you find your ‘superpower moment’ to unleash your personal celebration. We’re conscious of how we create energetic spaces, how we fit into them, and how we inspire others through them. By buying Highborn, you’re investing in this contagious energy, and we thank you for that.


Mother Nature gave us her finest, so there’s no need to alter what’s already perfect. We keep it real, focusing on a minimal number of pure and potent ingredients.

Ritual & Magic

Embracing spontaneity amidst mundanity. Without magic, our rituals are merely routines. To spice things up, we add mysticism to the mix.


Our senses make us fully human. We seek to elevate the everyday through our sensorial experiences to feel more present, self-aware and loving.


The collision of two extremes, two ends of the spectrum. We explore this juxtaposition, pairing opposites together, resulting in something that is curiously bold and unexpected.

Highborn’s calling is to create magical moments of bliss that exist between the high’s and low’s of life. We honor these moments through ritual to feel fully present and express gratitude.

Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission

Walking the Walk

Sustainability always comes first. From our minimal glass packaging to our conscious ingredient sourcing, we consider our carbon footprint in every decision we make. We create beautiful products while maintaining the natural beauty from which our products originate from, operating in harmony with our entire ecosystem.

We seek to improve the well being of all humans, That’s why we donate a portion of every purchase to The JED Foundation, a nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for our nation's teens and young adults. Social responsibility matters too, and we pay it forward because we truly care.

What’s Inside

100% pure ingredients straight from Mother Earth. No-nonsense formulations, free from parabens, preservatives, synthetics, and animal testing.

We source with integrity, hand-selecting each and every essential oil and extract with respect for their true, delicate beauty. We small batch, partnering with organic farmers we trust.

That Good Good

When it comes to our CBD, we have high AF standards. We source our lab-tested, full-spectrum cannabidiol strictly from certified organic and ethically farmed cannabis plants. As our founder Lauren Gannes would say, “It’s liquid happiness from the heavens."

A Letter From Our Fearless, Femme Founder

Like so many people, I have spent my life seeking a deeper connection to the “experience.”

I grew up in a home with a meditating mom and a radiologist dad. I witnessed both pathways to “wellness” and saw how they co-existed, deeply complimenting each other. The understanding of both integrative health and the benefits of balance, from such an early age, has continued to shape my world.

What inspired Highborn was much more than a desire to sell something with pretty smells and nice ingredients. There's already a ton of that. My interest is in exploring the idea of “connection” TOGETHER.

I’m inviting us all to explore rituals around mind, body and soul rather than just putting a dab on the wrist or neck. We welcome living in the present and creating space for self and joy, punctuating the moments rather than living in a blur. We can all relate to that.

Thank you for being a part of the Highborn story. I’m grateful to share bliss with you.”

Lauren Gannes
Founder & Formulator